Ewer. Dimensions: H. 10 in.. Date: 19th century. By the beginning of the sixteen century, Venice had become a leading producer and exporter of fine glass wares and many such products became fashionable in Persia. These styles and techniques influenced local production, and factories were created in Shiraz producing wares that rivaled the imports from abroad. Like most Qajar-period glass vessels, this ewer is monochromatic with an elegant profile and minimal surface ornamentation. Applied trails on the cup-like mouth of the vessel spiral down the narrower cylindrical neck. The finely shaped spout and handle contribute to the object's graceful silhouette, their delicate nature suggesting that this ewer would have been only used on special occasions, or as a ceremonial object.
Image Reference: alb3627193
Photographer: N/A
Credit Line: Album / Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY
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