Which pictures to use for an impactful flyer?

Flyers are an absolute must for any company. They help describe your products and services in a quick and efficient way to new prospects while leaving them with something to keep. Easy to use, easy to make, they have been a marketing classic for many years and their style has changed along the way as well.

Nowadays, it’s not about making a flyer anymore, but about creating an attractive one.
As a designer, you probably had to make quite a few flyers during your career, pretty standard company request here. Maybe you’ve even wondered what kind of picture you should use to make it an impactful one.

Well, let’s just say that, after 20 years in the stock photography industry, we’ve become quite experienced at seeing the design trends and here are some of the most commonly used pictures for flyer designs:

Images showing your products or services

Okay. No surprises for this first one. It IS quite obvious after all, companies often use pictures of their own products on their flyers. That’s especially true when companies are selling products, it makes sense to display it on the flyer and flaunt its benefits, or related discounts.

In the case of services though, it can be a little trickier sometimes. You might not want to use real pictures of your clients or your staff for privacy reasons. Using stock imagery can therefore be a good alternative. Often used by SPAs, healthcare centers, restaurants and gyms, they help represent what it is that you do, without having to hire your own professional photographer and getting model release forms.

Plus, since you are essentially getting photos of professional models, it can look pretty dang good for your business like on this flyer made by Shahriar Hossain.

Credit: Shahriar Hossain

The flyer design screams at our faces to go to the gym and, surprisingly, you kind of find a sudden motivation to get up in the morning to exercise. By using powerful pictures of people exercising and combining it with brights colours on the flyer template, the artist successfully created a powerful flyer.


Pictures of people

Another way to create an effective flyer is to use pictures of people. It may sound broad but it’s all about finding pictures that would represent the end result you want to achieve: happy people because they have used your product/service/offer. It’s as simple as that.

This flyer made by Mudassir Khan for example, perfectly represent how people feel like when listening to music.

Credit: Mudassir Khan

The use of such images makes it perfect for a company delivering music and audio services. There are numerous ways to apply the model to different kinds of businesses too, whether that’s pictures of a happy family, of a woman excited for a Black Friday discount, and so many more!
Images of people help make your business appear relatable as well as picturing it in a positive light.

Business pictures

One of the most commonly used type of images in flyer designs are business pictures. By that, we mean all the images that represent a company meeting, a handshake, or any other activity in a business setting. Such photos are very popular for marketing agencies or BtoB companies in general. They show the professionalism behind their services and help identify the brand with trustworthiness and competency.

Credit: Abir Hasan

This flyer design made by Abir Hasan perfectly shows what a good business flyer looks like. By combining a company picture with a good explanation of what your business can do for its clients, it effectively delivers the image you want to convey: that of a dependable business.

Black and white images

Sometimes, when there’s too much going on in the flyer design, too many colours, too much text, too many images... It can be a bit overwhelming. If there’s too much information, sadly, people tend to lose interest and not even bother reading it.

By using black and white images on your flyer design, you know the receiver will be able to focus on what’s the most important: the message. This flyer by Sanket Wankhade, for example, does a great job at conveying the essential information: the sale.

Credit: Sanket Wankhade

The design is of a more minimalistic style and perfectly delivers the information the flyer needs to by being straight to the point. Plus, the black and white image makes it really stand out and gives it an original look don’t you think?

Skyscraper pictures

Similar to how business pictures are often used by companies working in BtoB, skyscraper images are extensively used in flyer designs. As skyscrapers are often identified with modernity and innovation, they can help relate the brand image to similar notions. Thus, many marketing agencies, consultants, financial entities and banks use skyscraper images in their flyers.

An excellent example is with the work of Jahid Khandaker in the below flyer design.

Credit: Jahid Khandaker

By using an image of a city skyline, the flyer perfectly reflects the idea of business development, thus making it perfect for business management flyers. The flyer design is attractive and efficiently delivers the message to the reader.


Images of landscapes

Some say that, to effectively sell what you offer, you have to create an atmosphere around it. Simply being factual and informational is great. You tell your customers what they need to know. However, in the end, they should feel the need to buy. To make them feel intrigued,  you have to catch their eye and not just shower them with text too long for anybody to read. That’s why we love flyer design like the one made Jahidul Islam.

Credit: Jahidul Islam

Although it doesn’t show exactly what the business is selling, it has you imagine the benefits of it by showing you the environment around it. In the same way you may feel relaxed when looking at a picture of a forest or beach images, it has you imagine what you would feel, should you decide to give in to the offer. Like a taste of childhood nostalgia, the design transports you and compels you to yearn for more.



There are plenty of ways to make an impactful flyer. It may require some creativity but there are definitely some classic designs that don’t run out of style. Flyer designs including pictures of your products, business images or skyscrapers are timeless and will always deliver your message in an effective way. They are especially great for typically more BtoB oriented businesses such as consulting firms, finance or marketing agencies.

Other flyer templates are popping up though, with a more minimalistic design, black and white pictures or beautiful landscapes. These designs tend to rely less on objective selling points, and more heavily on the visuals to make a deeper impact on the flyer’s target. They aim to not only inform, but also catch the person’s eye by creating an atmosphere around the product or service. To use such designs, you require high quality images, in high resolution.

Which one will you go for next? Any of these styles or something different? Let us know!


(Nov 4, 2021) Clemence Servonnat Creativity

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