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Unicorns are mysterious creatures. For centuries, great minds have turned to the image of these wayward animals. Leonardo da Vinci composed a fable about them, Raphael wrote "The Lady with the Unicorn", the ancient Greek historians spoke about unicorns in their writings as if we were now describing purebred horses or white rhinos. Yes, and modern classics do not bypass unicorns - remember the saga of Harry Potter. When Harry bought his first wand at Ollivander's shop, he learned that each had a powerful magic substance in the middle, and the hair from the unicorn's mane was one of the strongest.

But in fact, the unicorn was first seen in India. Among the Indian people, it personified spiritual wealth. 

The unicorn is a fictional creature that appeared thanks to the fantasy and imagination of a person. In the Chinese teachings of feng shui, the unicorn is considered a symbol of good luck and happiness. The mascot of a unicorn or simply unicorn pics on the screensaver of your device helps its owner to become a more successful person, and also protects against troubles, the evil eye, and the effects of black magic.

The unicorn in feng shui brings good luck and symbolizes a ray of sunshine, luxury, splendor, and joy. Even unicorn pictures fight off negative energy and attract material well-being.

How to Create Your Own Unicorn Pictures in Adobe Illustrator?

  1. You need to create a 1200x1200 pt artboard (Ctrl + N). We sketch with a pencil on paper.

  2. Then we scan it. You can also draw directly in Illustrator. In this case, we drop the pencil sketch onto the artboard and draw with the Pen Tool (4px) on a new layer.

  3. For the main outlines, the lines in this case look neater thanks to the pen, but the flowers and stars we are already drawing with the Blob Brush (Shift + B) at a size of 3pt, since the smaller details fit easier and look better.

  4. If you are not satisfied with the line, you can take the Smooth Tool and drag it along the path until the result is satisfactory. To bend the tail, adjust the Deformation tool (Shift + R).

  5. Here's our main outline. It is placed on a separate layer. Make a copy of it and paste it on Layer 3 (colors). Go to Object> Expand Appearance. Paint the unicorn with the Live Paint tool.

  6. Paint some details with the Pencil Tool, while selecting the background.

  7. You can pick up a palette of colors with an eyedropper from your beautiful photos.

If you don't succeed or just don't have a desire to draw a cute unicorn in some illustrator, you can look for a picture on our website!


Unicorn images in legends

Unicorn images are often found in legends and stories, carrying an image of justice. That is, when a controversial situation arises, people often look for an answer with the help of a picture of a unicorn. Draw a circle and divide it into 4 equal parts in two parts a positive answer to the question is written and in the other two a negative one. Having made a wish or a question that can be answered yes or no, a person closes his eyes. Throws any object with the symbol of a unicorn in a circle, the part on which it fell is considered the answer to the question.

The Chinese believe that when a horse appears with a horn on its forehead, it means that a sage was born. That is, if a pregnant woman is constantly, carries unicorn pictures with her, then there is a high probability that she will have a child with supernatural abilities. If your newborn baby is capricious and restless, then it is recommended to put a toy with the symbol of a unicorn near the baby, this will calm it, give a sense of balance and security, and the above thing will help single ladies get married.

The symbol with unicorn images is very powerful. A person who wears things with this pattern, as it were, surrounds himself with an invisible shell. If one of your ill-wishers thinks badly about you or does damage at all, then all the evil directed against you will proportionally return to the one from whom it came. Thanks to this little trick, you will become invulnerable to your enemies.

Also, this symbolism will protect against curses and the evil eye. If you are afraid of influence, any woman, and fear that she may jinx you, then you must take something symbolizing a unicorn to meet her, this will save you 100% from any supernatural impurity.

Chinese myths about the unicorn mascot

In China, the unicorn is revered on a par with the dragon. It is not uncommon for a unicorn to be included in the four noblest animals. It is believed that the dragon protects people from the sky, and the unicorn protects from the earth.

The Chinese believe that the unicorn has a sacred power with which it brings goodness to people. The unicorn images also symbolize the sunbeam, purity, and unity. And its horn in the form of a spiral says that it will be unchanged in time. In addition, the unicorn is a symbol of transmutation, knowledge, and freedom. It will show the right path for those who want to find the truth.

This talisman is recommended for women who want children, but cannot get pregnant. And also when parents want to help their children achieve their goals.

The unicorn talisman in Feng Shui has two powerful functions - attracting wealth and eliminating negative impact. And even just putting on the unicorn pics on your screensaver, you will feel this magical power.

This mythical creature has tremendous strength, it prompts a way out for confused people, helps them to find themselves and not lose heart.

(Aug 18, 2021) Alex Seobruv Creativity Inspiration

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