The best photos for logos

Creating a logo is no small feat. Not only do you need to be creative in the design, you also need to make it relevant to the brand and the image the company wants to convey, all of that in a few lines.

To do so, there have been more and more background logo images that have been popping up recently, adding more of an atmosphere around the logo itself. Subsequently, photos for logos have become increasingly popular and are now commonly used by designers when working on the companies’ corporate identity.

Creating a logo from stock photos is quite simple since you can easily download ready-to-use pictures online in high resolution. Plus, there are some really high quality photos for professionals on the market.

So what are the best pictures for logos and which one is the right one for your objective?


1. Landscape photos

There’s a reason why travel pictures are so popular. Pictures of beautiful landscapes have the power to draw the eye and make us dream. In addition, since pictures of mountains and forests are related to nature, they are often synonymous with the protection of the environment.

Combining your logo with a picture of landscape can therefore have many benefits. Attract the eye of potential customers for one, and have your brand associated with a greener image as well.

The work of “Folia Scandinavica Posnaniensia” is a perfect example for this theory.

scandinavia logo by uniforma studios featuring landscape pictures

Credit: Uniforma Studios

The white logo could have been made with a simple black background but, by adding this impactful picture of misty mountains, the logo here looks really intense and brings another element to the brand. You immediately understand that the company is about nature and the beautiful Scandinavian landscapes.

2. Flower photos

Flowers are often associated with elegance, beauty and peace. Thus, they are often used by fashion and beauty companies alongside their logo. The key is to showcase an image that is relevant either to the industry, or to the desired brand image.
For instance, in the work of Alina Khasanova for “Flores”, the poppies in the background perfectly mirror the red and white of the logo and add a new dimension to the brand.

flores logo by anima khasanova featuring flower pictures
Credit: Alina Khasanova

Especially combined with the refined font, both the image and the logo create a refined yet soothing atmosphere around the company.


3. People photos

Photos of people make your brand relatable. Anybody can see immediately what your brand can do for them or what kind of mood they would be in after using your products. The “Orsay” logo made by Anastasia Korsakova for example, features a woman wearing simple jewelry.

orsay logo for jewelry brand featuring woman picture

Credit: Anastasia Korsakova

Although we do not see a very distinctive product (simple necklace and earrings) it is made clear that Orsay is a luxury jewelry brand. The style of the picture sells it particularly well. By using a black and white picture of a woman in what we can imagine is a classy dress.

Using stock photos is especially great for this type of logo because you do not require any expensive model, set, or professional photographer. Since there are so many images available online, it’s easy to find one that will not have been used everywhere, and that you can even potentially get exclusive picture rights.

4. Tropical backgrounds

The tropical theme is highly appreciated in the design field. Many restaurants, fashion brands and jewelry companies end up adopting the style for their corporate identity. Why? The dark green colours of tropical leaves tend to not only highlight the subject, but also make it feel elegant. The work of Santiago Kunst is a perfect example of how tropical backgrounds can be used for beautiful logos.

Credit: Santiago Kunst

The contrasts between the logo’s fine lines, the font, and the bulkier green leaves perfectly mix, in addition to making the brand look organic. Great for a company that wants to be identified with both sophistication and nature don’t you think?


5. In-setting photos

Sometimes, you only really need to show what customers can expect when coming to your business. How will they feel? What kind of atmosphere do you provide? For the “mmm food” logo by Vish Sisters for example, it’s very simple.

mmm food fast food logo by vish sisters featuring restaurant pictures
Credit: Vish Sisters

Instead of a simple black background, the designer used a picture of the restaurant to display the logo. The result is vibrant and enables potential customers to visualise themselves in the space. Therefore, they are already involved with the brand and are one step closer to being consumers.


6. Photos showing the unique proposition of the brand

Especially when the company works in a niche industry, it is essential to show the unique strength of the business. It is therefore important to use very specific imagery, and not generic pictures of people or landscape. After all, the objective is for the company to be immediately noticed and recognised. The logo for “Bleu la Soie” perfectly illustrates the concept.

bleu la soie logo featuring silk background
Credit: Lucas Max Geschwind

One of the company’s assets is the luxurious materials and their hush quality. With this silk background image, the logo is wonderfully highlighted and the brand’s unique proposition is immediately apparent.

7. Photos representing the service

Showing your products and services directly can also be a great option for an impactful logo, even if you don’t feel like hiring a professional photographer. So ask yourself the only question you already know the answer of: what does your company sell? Believe us, there is an attractive picture for that. Take the case of High Hills Construction.
high hills contruction logo by mohamed adel featuring skyscraper pictures

Credit: MohaMed Adel

Although not the most attractive industry at first, by combining the logo with a beautiful picture of skyscrapers, the designer has been able to create an impactful logo.



Adding a background image to a logo has become a very popular way to relay the brand’s image effectively. It can have a positive impact on your audience, especially considering 92.6% of people say the visual dimension is the #1 influencing factor affecting their purchase decision source.

You therefore need to come up with your own way to market your brand. Whether that’s with pictures of landscapes, an image representing your services, or a simple background related to the feeling you want to convey.

Whichever option you choose, be sure to secure high quality images for all your branded designs such as your website, flyers, and social media campaigns.


(Nov 23, 2021) Clemence Servonnat Creativity

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