Select a background picture for yourself

A modern person often uses a phone or a computer, so the wallpaper on his screen significantly affects the mood and psyche in general. For this reason, psychologists have put forward several recommendations for the correct selection of wallpaper. With the right choice of a background picture, a person will be able to improve his mood and performance.

Imageselect has the most beautiful wallpapers. Here you can find any style and color for your screensaver to your taste. Experts believe screensaver should not be overloaded, because high contrast and saturation irritate the visual receptors and increase psychological stress.

Psychologists are advised to stop their choice of landscapes, natural shades. Do not put people or animals on the screensaver, because they distract attention.

You need to choose high-quality images that will occupy the entire desktop space. Periodically, you need to change the background, because it helps to improve your mood.

How to choose the right background image for your computer?

Almost everyone has a computer or laptop today. They are needed for both leisure and work. But not everyone is satisfied with the design of their laptops, so let's talk about how to decorate them properly. There are many free background images on the Internet. The most important thing is to choose the correct background for your monitor that you will be using. Among the most popular options are the following:

  • landscapes;

  • animals;

  • cars;

  • beautiful girls/boys.

Pictures with various images of nature can be a good option for desktop wallpaper on a computer. Landscapes of amazing waterfalls, forests, and mountains are perfect for your desktop. But if you do not want to slow down your working pace, then it is better not to put seascapes on the screensaver, reminding you of your vacation and warm beaches. You can find a beautiful background here: Imageselect.

If you are an animal lover, then the screen can be decorated with high-quality pictures of different birds, elephants, or tigers. In case you prefer to pets, today you can find many different images of cats and dogs of completely unusual breeds on the Internet.

Car screensavers will suit motorists and fans of Fast and Furious and Taxi movies. Everyone chooses sports cars or retro cars. The main thing is that the photos of the car are made with high quality and please the eye.

Pictures with beauties or inflammatory guys are unlikely to be suitable for a work computer in the office. If only because such images can distract both you and your colleagues.

Background image for phone

First of all, you need to pay attention to the saturation of the background color and its contrast - wallpaper for a smartphone should not irritate the visual receptors. Also, they should not contain many dark or light colors. In general, in the modern rhythm of life, when there are many stressful situations, pictures on the phone screen should at least a little soothe and relieve constant nervous tension. For this reason, many psychologists recommend placing images of natural elements or simply landscapes on the splash screen. It is not recommended to put animals on the screensaver, even cute cats - they will distract. The same applies to pictures, against the background of which the application icons will be barely visible - we do not need this, because a long search for the desired program can be quite tedious.

There are top backgrounds for your phone

  • Nature. Such pictures have a beneficial effect on the human psyche. They have an attractive look and distract us from the everyday hustle and bustle;

  • Minimalism. Such pictures are not overloaded, which allows our eyes not to overstrain. Such pictures allow you to calmly examine each shortcut on the desktop;

  • Space. This is an original solution that looks very stylish. There is a wide variety of such pictures, which allows everyone to find an option for their phone;

  • Inscriptions. All kinds of inscriptions are very popular. They can be of any nature - funny, motivating, scary, cute, and so on.

What background is best for the presentation?

A beautiful background for the presentation will make it more understandable, and ideas will quickly reach the audience.

The colors and images you use to design your slides will help you make sure they match the content. Choose a palette that sets you apart from the competition and matches the mood of your audience. And the scientific community will seriously demonstrate restrained shades and minimalism in design.

Imageselect offers presentation backgrounds for all occasions:

  • solid and photorealistic

  • bright and neutral

  • with natural textures and natural landscape colors

  1. White background

When choosing a beautiful background for your presentation, the first rule is to keep it simple. A laconic white is the best choice because it will go with any theme.

  1. Background with the contrasting frame

If a solid colored background for a presentation seems trivial to you, choose with a frame: it looks quite strict, but it is well remembered.

  1. Background with color blocks

It is best not to use more than 3-5 colors in your presentation. Choose shades for color blocks that do not conflict with each other, but have a fairly noticeable contrast.

  1.  Background with photography

Almost any photo can be used as a beautiful background picture for a presentation. The plot of the photo can complement and reveal the idea of the presentation: choose an urban landscape for the presentation of an architectural project. Of the minuses, the brightness and contrast of the photo will have to be adjusted so that the details do not distract from the text. 

  1.  Background with colored elements

Colored elements are creative freedom. With their help, you can draw attention to the text and topic, add humor and lightness, create a unique style. But it is better to place them on a light background for presentation and so that they do not compete with the text and do not distract attention from it.

In any case, you should always listen to your feelings and desires. You shouldn't blindly follow fashion even in such a simple process. Not necessarily fashionable, but pretty, and useful to you.

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