How to select a cute wallpaper for your gadget

We, as reasonable people, used to surround ourselves with something beautiful, with works of art, including paintings, tattoos, different incredible patterns on our clothes, photos. Today we have an opportunity to set anything we want on the screens of our gadgets without making any efforts. Furthermore, modern technologies let us share any kind of information worldwide, which lets us see the whole world for anyone who just has an internet connection. 

Today we will talk about a piece of art at every gadget - it's beautiful background, and learn how to customize it making your device feel uniquely yours.

What determines cool wallpapers? 

When looking for the best wallpaper for your gadget, you should build your mind over different factors, including its resolution and quality, its influence on your device's battery, and the vibe, which it provides. By the way, for many people, even color matters. 

Why is a cute screen background necessary?  

You should realize that your computer or phone wallpaper should positively affect and inspire you, as you will see it every single day. Starting the day with something cute as the wallpaper will fill you with good vibes, which will increase your working productivity. 

Tips and tricks to create a cute desktop wallpaper

  • Prefer high-quality images

When choosing a wallpaper for your device, use the maximum opportunities of its screen. It will be a sin to choose a poor-quality image for the full HD display. According to the progress, engineers encourage us every year with new screen opportunities when now a 4k wallpaper is not the limit. 

Screen resolutions are denoted in the number of pixels, like 1280x720 (HD). The numbers indicate how many pixels your monitor can display in the horizontal (1920) and the vertical (1080). You can also determine the aspect ratio from the resolution. In this case, it's 16:9.

Check out the info below to discover an image platform where you can find high-quality cute pictures for your wallpaper. 

  • Select something inspiring

Some prefer aesthetic wallpaper, and others choose a cute background. There's no accounting for taste, is there? Look for something special, which you want to see every day. It can be a picture of your favorite band or artist, which you listen to every day, or a picture of your favorite kind of dog. If you are mad about sports, you can set as the wallpaper a picture of your favorite football player or a logo of your team, for which you are rooting. By the way, choosing a nature wallpaper HD will always be a win. 

Do you believe in the meaning of colors? 

Indeed color can affect our mood and workplace productivity. We prepared for you a shortlist of colors, which may positively impact and boost your productivity:

  1. If you need to stimulate your mind, blue would likely make you the most productive.

  2. Red is a physical color. It expresses courage and excitement. 

  3. Green provides balance. It represents harmony, nature, and restoration.

  • Dark wallpapers will use less battery power

When looking for cute wallpapers for iPhone or another portable device, you may consider choosing something darker to let your battery work longer. 

With more brightness, you spend more battery power. Simply put, if your phone has a bright wallpaper, it will consume more battery because the wallpaper would require constant illumination to show.

While talking about choosing a color, the black pixels block more of the backlight, but it's still behind the black pixel. Roughly speaking, using a black background on an AMOLED display, your display will reduce the produced light.

For achieving the best result of using your gadget, you can use a dark mode.

  • Use your operating system's features

We understand that sometimes choosing something one between a wide variety of cute wallpapers can be challenging. Well, in that case, here comes a solution - you don't need to choose only one, as you can shuffle them by using a slideshow with cute wallpapers in Windows 10.

  • Bring some order to your desktop icons

After you select a cute wallpaper, now it’s time to clean up your desktop. Keep your working space in order by deleting useless icons and files from the desktop.

For exceptional cases, the Windows operating system provides an opportunity to hide icons, which will not only let you see the whole picture, it will keep your information secure and away from wrong eyes.

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