How to create a black and white photos


Black and white photos are eternal. They are timeless and seem to speak through generations. Nothing distracts. Color-saturated shots can be beautiful, but the riot of colors is confusing and disorienting. Black and white, paradoxically, sometimes makes you really see the subject.

It's simple. But this simplicity and minimalism can make a stronger impression than a color photo. The black and white frame leaves room for imagination, and it makes the picture live better than thousands of shades.

Why black and white photos are eye-catching? Probably because a person sees the world around him in color, which means that a monochrome picture on a multicolored background is automatically highlighted. The black-and-white image is a priori somewhat divorced from everyday reality - that's why it makes us stop and take a closer look. For the same reason, such images can evoke a deep emotional response.

How to make a photo in black and white: photography tips

  • Shooting in black and white. The coolest and fastest way that can be implemented is using a regular mobile phone camera. A significant disadvantage of this method is the lack of contrast and dullness of the photos. You can tighten the parameters during the subsequent processing of the images in a graphics editor or in an online application.

  • Discoloration in the Photos app. Another effective way to make black and white photos. What is required for this? Open the image on your smartphone, click the "Change" button and select an option such as "Color.” The disadvantage of this solution is low contrast, as in the previous case. Further, it remains only to move the slider to the extreme left position. The solution is quite simple: without leaving the edit mode, select the "Contrast" parameter and set the required values.

  • Using Adobe Photoshop tools. Perhaps, it’s one of the most effective ways to convert a photo to b/w. There are several editing options:

  1. Grayscale. For processing, it is necessary to open the tabs "Image" and "Mode" and select "Grayscale.”

  2. Bleaching. Open "Image", "Correction", "Desaturate". It should be noted right away that additional editing and contrast enhancement will be required for the best result in both versions.

  3. Hue / Saturation Adjustment Layer. To process the b/w photo, you need to go to the menu "Layers - New Adjustment Layer - Hue / Saturation.” It is recommended to change the mode of "Color.” The next step is to create another adjustment layer. Reduce saturation to -100. Open the properties of the first adjustment layer and change the Color Tone parameter until you are satisfied with the final result.

  • Using online applications. There are many programs in Google Play and the App Store with which you can take a photo in black and white in a couple of clicks. Here are just a few of them: Blackcam, BW Darkroom, Hypocam, Snapseed, etc. In addition, many smartphones have built-in standard filters that can be used to desaturate the image.

How to take a photo in black and white online: photography photo tips

Special resources on the Internet will help you quickly turn a color image into black and white. In this case, the user does not have to waste time installing the appropriate software.


A simple website editor in which various effects are strictly separated - each is presented on a separate page. JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and some others are suitable for uploading. There are no restrictions on the quality of the final result - the image will be downloaded in the same size as the original.

Instructions for use:

  • Go to the black and white effect page.

  • Select a file on your computer.

  • In column number 3, you can indicate the final format of the picture and its quality.

  • Click "OK" to start processing.

  • The new page provides several options: open the image for viewing, download, or return to the previous stage to change the parameters.


The service contains the main features for editing images, among which there is a transformation into black and white. The tool will be useful when processing several photos in a row - the function used will be displayed on the quick access panel, so there will be no need to access the menu items every time.

To convert a color photo to black and white online, you will need:

  • Go to the main page of the site.

  • Click on the "Files" item, select "Load from disk"

  • Click "Select File,” specify the path to the image in the explorer.

  • Click "Download.”

  • A picture will appear on the screen, along with some guidance tips. Press "Operations,” move the cursor over the line "Edit,” select "Convert to black and white.”

  • Click again on the last inscription, which is now displayed on the panel at the top. The picture will turn black and white.

  • Save the image via the "Files" menu.


The toolkit repeats the desktop version of PS CS 6 and allows you to perform various types of editing, including face replacement, hair coloring, and removal of unnecessary objects. Users can change the background, apply a slimming effect, and more.

Let's consider step by step how to make black and white photos in the online version of Photoshop:

  • Go to the editor's site.

  • If Flash Player is disabled in the browser, then the service will ask you to enable it on the left side of the screen. To do this, you just need to click on the inscription itself - the page will be reloaded.

  • A window for selecting options for getting started is displayed. Click on the line "Download from the computer.”

  • Using the explorer, open the desired photo.

  • Click on the menu item "Correction", then "Hue / Saturation".

  • Move the slider in the "Saturation" line to the extreme left position. The picture will lose color. You can also edit the light level.

  • Click "Yes" to fix the effect.

  • Click on the menu item "File,” then "Save.”

  • In the displayed window, if desired, change the file name, image format, and quality. Click "Yes.”

  • It remains to select a location in the PC memory to save the processed image.

That’s all. Create beautiful black and white photos easily following our tips. If you are looking for some inspiration, find the best photos on ImageSelect. We have a great choice for you!

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