How to find a stock image?


The number of images on the Internet, both paid and free, is growing at a tremendous rate. Finding a good stock image becomes both easier and more difficult at the same time. We want to share with our users 4 common mistakes to avoid when searching for photos on the Internet and 4 tips for finding suitable photos on Imageselect.

Stock photos are regularly hated by web marketers, designers, and even users. However, the situation does not look so straightforward: perhaps the problem here lies not only - and not so much - in the photographs, but also in those who use them.

Let's take the situation seriously. Yes, the annoyance with stock photos is often quite justified: there are a lot of strange and often simply creepy photos in photo banks that one inevitably wonders - who posted them there and why? Using stock photos can cost you a pretty penny if you use them everywhere.

We would like to remind you, that stock image does not necessarily mean “free”: such photos can be sold inexpensively - this is a common practice, but there are absolutely free collections of images.

3 tips on how to search for stock photos

  • Tip 1: See the recommendations

Using the image search on image select, you can see many sections. Be sure to check out the images in these sections that they offer you. You can also click on the author's name and see other examples of his work. When you enter this site with your username, you can see a block with popular images that change periodically.

  • Tip 2: Use instant and spectrum search tools

Visit our site for more image search tools. Try instant, which displays images as you type in keywords, or spectrum, which offers a versatile way to filter images by color. You will be surprised what opportunities these tools provide for photo search.

  • Tip 3: Change the order of search results

Oftentimes, search results will return thousands of images, and you might be in better luck if you change the sort order of the images. By default, images are sorted by popularity, but you can change the order.

We hope these tips will help you find the best stock images that work well for your purposes. Many professional designers use image select to search for textures, icons, maps, flags, background images, 3D renders, video clips, and more, all of which can be found on the site besides beautiful photos. You can spend hours searching the internet for the right images, but only with Imageselect you will quickly and efficiently find the quality image you need in one place.

Basic Mistakes to avoid

  • Mistake 1: Calculating for free photos

Everything is simple here, if you are using stock photos you should support the photographers. Even if you are a beginner and are creating your first website, then there is nothing easier than buying an image, it will take you no more than a couple of minutes. And compared to other costs, good photography is affordable and well worth the investment.

  • Mistake 2: Lack of registered license to use

A reliable site will tell you in detail how you can and cannot use the purchased image to protect your interests and the interests of the author of the image.

  • Mistake 3: Trusting sites that let anyone upload other people's images for free

All over the Internet, you can easily find famous copyright photographs, which, are marked as free for use for any purpose by mistake or on purpose. Just because someone said that an image could be used commercially doesn't mean it really is. Using free photos found on the Internet, you may suffer large losses in future lawsuits.

  • Mistake 4: View images on the first search page only

Many buyers choose the same simple photographs. Think of the smiling face with the earpiece on a white background that can be found on thousands of sites on the Internet. Because these particular photos are so popular, they show up on the first pages of free stock search results. If you delve deeper and look at other pages, then you will get a much larger selection of quality photos.

Stock photos aren't bad in and of themselves - it all depends on how you use them. They can add interesting - and with a little effort, unique - visual content to your marketing strategy. Stock images are appropriate for a modest advertising budget. They can be invaluable when you need to quickly and efficiently design a landing page, blog, or Facebook fan page.

Stock does not necessarily mean standard, if you rummage in photobanks you can find a lot of interesting things. In our understanding, "stock" is those that are used by all the other 100,500 sites or landing pages.

Things to keep in mind when using stock photos

Most of the images used in the design are taken from photo banks. Therefore, if someone makes a website for you, draws a layout, or develops an advertisement, be sure to ask whether the used images were purchased on a photo stock or simply taken from the Internet. Please note that in the event of copyright infringement claims, they will be directed to you, not the designer who used the images in their work. It is quite easy to protect yourself from such troubles - just use the image search from Google Images, and you will immediately find out the source of the file's origin.

Don't use clichés when choosing stock images. The standard visual images are already bored with everything: "teamwork" - several people near the computer, "healthy food" - a happy girl eating a salad, and "real estate" - a small house in the palms of your hands. Photobanks contain tens of millions of images, and in this abundance of images, you will surely find exactly what ideally suits your requirements and the main goal - to draw attention to your product, service.

(Jul 8, 2021) Clemence Servonnat Getting started

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