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How to choose the best desktop wallpaper?


It is very important to have original photos because when you have a desktop wallpaper from a verified site, you can choose them for yourself in any extension and customize them.


According to experts, desktop wallpaper should be minimally loaded with fractional elements. Also, the contrast and color saturation of the background should be reduced to optimal stimulation of the visual receptors. In this case, dark shades and too light areas should not prevail. Remember that the eyes are already stressed by the monitor and should be minimally exposed to the "aggressive" colors.


Psychologists recommend choosing landscapes or natural elements with a predominance of  green and blue shades, as they have a positive effect on the human nervous system and promote mental activity. But it is not recommended to put photos of people or animals as desktop wallpaper; they will distract your attention. It is undesirable to put those wallpapers in the background, as folders and shortcuts will be hard to distinguish.


You should use images that will occupy all the space on the desktop or phone wallpaper. Therefore, before setting the wallpaper, consider the resolution and format of the picture. The quality of the wallpaper also needs to be treated very carefully- avoid  blurry or fuzzy wallpapers for the desktop. It is worth paying attention to the fact that periodic background changes also positively affect the user’s mood and performance. This wallpaper changing function is built in the latest versions of operating systems automatically.

Where can I find new wallpapers or pictures for my phone?

First of all, thematic sites deserve attention on the pages where various photos and images are posted. For example, now there are a lot of different and unique programs with beautiful photowall-paper on a work table. There you can choose what you want, according to your taste and wish.


In addition to an extensive database of images and photographs, these applications offer their visitors a convenient and functional system for finding and choosing desktop wallpapers, based on their preference or favorite color palette. Pay attention to the ability to edit wallpaper in an online format in the corresponding section of such applications. The selected desktop wallpaper can be downloaded to both PC and phone.

How to choose the right desktop wallpaper?

  1. Pictures for the splash screen must be loaded with small elements to a minimum since folders and icons will become poorly visible against such a background. But if suddenly there is at least one monophonic corner on the splash screen, you should put the icons there to clearly see them.


  1. The contrast of the selected picture and the color brightness should be reduced to create the least stress on the eyes because they are already experiencing significant stress from the monitor. There is no point in choosing dark wallpapers- such colors are suppressive, and there is little to see on them.


  1. Before installing the wallpaper, take into account the resolution and format of the picture. It is advisable to install photos that will occupy the entire area of ??phone wallpapers. After installation, the picture may shrink or stretch if you choose the wrong resolution, looking indistinct. 


  1. Screensavers can reflect your originality. In this case, everything is completely clear. You select an illustration on your own. If you are crazy about looking at the sea, you will be happy to contemplate the turquoise surface or the waves running over each other. In the global network, you will find a picture that you like every time you search. Choose unique photos that no one else has to highlight your personality.


  1. Do not forget that the wallpaper is always striking and, therefore, it must be appropriate for the situation. Forget about pictures showing a naked body, female or male, if you work in a reputable company, your office is in a business center, and visitors often come to you.

Tips for choosing phone wallpapers

  • Do not put something depressing, frightening, or aggressive as a background- these wallpapers will begin to affect your psyche and mood at the subconscious level.


  • Give preference to wallpaper on which the contours are smooth and sharp corners are minimal. Besides, soft color transitions are preferred, as such patterns will help you relax and rest.


  • Each color affects the individual in its own way. Forget about images in rich reds or burgundy colors- your nervous system will soon get tired. The red color interferes with collecting thoughts, which can have the worst effect on the relationship between colleagues. Also, do not choose saturated colors, it is better to use more soothing tones like green or blue. Pastel colors will relax your eyes and have a positive effect on intellectual activity.


  • There are tons of desktop wallpaper apps on the internet for Android. To help you choose, we went through all this mass and filtered it for you, and then made the best site, in our opinion, with adequate and unique pictures:


  • Let's get straight to the point because Imageselect is the best wallpaper site in this collection. All images on our site are free and high quality, so don't miss the opportunity- choose what you like!


  • Download a stylish and handy wallpaper application. It has a nice interface, many features, and a huge database of images, all drawn by artists and 3D designers from all over the world. There is an internal editor and installation on the application. There you can also set up a daily change of pictures. The main thing is to choose a topic.


Now you know where to find the best wallpapers for your phone. Don't waste your time. Visit our website and choose a beautiful wallpaper.

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