Great Ideas for Summer Photography


The only chance to save the summer in the memory is to take some photos, but how if you’re not a sophisticated photographer? Well, we have a couple of ideas. Fortunately, summer may be one of the best seasons for taking photographs. Just imagine how many chances and ideas you get to make creative photography! You may do fantastic shots in the country, or you may take a walk in your city, enjoying it at the warmest time of the year.

Indeed, if you are not a professional photographer, you may think that you are not good enough to make excellent pictures. But the truth is that to make good, memorable photographs, a camera alone is not enough. There are a couple more things to have in order to get great photographs. Imagination, creativity, good mood and probably some unforgettable day full of emotions. 

You see, the first secret of great photography we are going to share with you in advance is that it's the moment that makes the shot memorable, not the photography itself. So, before taking the camera, think: is it a moment I want to capture? In this article, we are about to share with you some brilliant photography ideas to make your summer unforgettable!

Tips for making a good creative photography

Of course, before you start reading the ideas for your photography, we’d recommend you to read about some general tips on making your photographs better. In this way, you are sure to be free of blurry, excessively light or dark pictures in your album. Besides, why not take a chance to improve your photography skills and make your photographs look even better.

  • Camera. In fact, you don’t need to have a professional one to do great summer photography. Nowadays, smartphones have good enough cameras to make excellent shots. You just have to be sure that its focus works well, and it has a proper color correction. Definition matters as well, thus you don’t have to be that worried if you have shaky hands.

  • Composition. Whether you are taking pictures of your friends, or beautiful scenery, watch for composition. You don’t want to get a photograph, where part of someone’s head or leg is cut. And it would be a pity if you cut a beautiful tree in half while shooting in the forest, for example. 

  • Light. Light plays a vital role in every photograph. Of course, you don’t have to bring lighting equipment everywhere with you, but watch out when you shoot at noon. Sunlight is the brightest at this time, and thus, you may get a picture with too many cutting shadows. Dark shadow may “cut” someone’s head or leg no less than shaky hands.

Those were our main recommendations to you, and now, we shall pass on the summer photography ideas!

  1. In the rays of sunlight

To make this shot you have to stand in front of the sun, so it may shine from your back. There’s a bit of a silhouette play, except that you have to be visible on the shot. But the main idea of this photograph is to shoot in a way that makes rays of the sun visibly shining from behind. To make your photography better, shoot at a low angle, so there will be nothing in the background but only the blue sky.

  1. Fruit time

There’s another reason why summer is great, and that is the number of fruits and vegetables that are available only during this short period. And there’s ain’t better idea for summer photography than to take a photo of a full plate of fruits. You may go further, and try to make a more creative picture using summer berries. 

  1. Summer picnic photography

You may create a lovely picture of yourself lying on the blanket, or concentrate more on portraits. Taking a picture of your fancy basket with fruits and wine or focusing more on food might be good photography ideas too! Gather some friends and pick a beautiful place and of course, don’t forget to take some photographs. 

  1. Picture of the scenery

Even a short vacation is a great opportunity to examine the world or at least your hometown! 

You can go for a short road trip in the country and embrace yourself in nature’s arms. And by the way, isn’t it great to arrange the picnic amid a beautiful flower field? Just don’t forget to take some mosquito spray. The views are mesmerizing, so don’t miss the opportunity.

  1. Sport photography

Well, the onset of the warm season gives you a great chance to go in for particular kinds of sports, and thus, you get the chance not only to take creative photography. If you’re too scared of surfing or skating, you may just watch after the professional sportsmen and take photos. But before taking the camera, ask for their permission to take a photo of them, because you may put yourself in an awkward situation.

  1. Beach photographs

Photographs on the white sandy beach with clear blue water is a pure classic of summer photography, though it may be a bit banal. Yet still, this kind of photos are very popular. There are plenty of Instagram pages specializing in so-called lifestyle photography, and the main feature of their lifestyle is travelling into beautiful tropical places.

  1. Summer in the city

If you don’t have an opportunity to travel or live in a place that lacks fancy beaches, don’t worry, as you have a great chance to find beauty in your city. Summer adds charm to everything, including gray skyscrapers. 

Just look around: cafés opened verandas, people wearing bright clothes, lush flower beds. Everything is full of color, even gray buildings, whose glass walls reflect this. You can still get creative photography while staying in the town, just use your imagination. 

  1. Golden hour

Golden hour is a special term used to describe sunlight during a short time at dawn and sunset. You see, days in summer get longer and sunlight at noon can be a little too harsh as the sun is at its highest point. So you may get a photo with sharp shadows. But the situation is exactly the opposite if you get up early or go out in the evening. That is probably the best of all possible summer photography kinds.

  1. Travel photos

Why not take your close friend and go for a road trip to the neighboring city? If travelling in a car seems too inconvenient, buy some train tickets or hire a van to go camping. Travelling on your own can result in some good and creative photographs that you will hang on your fridge to remember.

  1. Summer storm photography

Sometimes it gets really rainy in summer. Indeed, storms in summer are spectacular with thunder and lightning. And freezing that moment when lightning hits seems just as fantastic as an impossible idea. But it’s definitely worth doing! Just remember that it’s better to stay at home during storms.

  1. Still life photographs

As we mentioned above, summer is the time of fruits, vegetables and flowers, so why not try to play it off like Van Gogh and combine them in a lovely still life picture? You can create multiple ideas and combinations in your photography, as far as your imagination allows. 

  1. Silhouette play

We told you about golden hour and the pluses it has. Here is one more idea of how you can use this short time to make creative photography, and that’s the play with the shadows. The light would just purely shine in the background, coloring everything in pure tones. Thus, you can make beautiful silhouette photography. 

  1. Carnivals and festivals

Summer is great for another reason — it has its feasts and usually, good weather allows for some carnivals and festivals. What a chance to catch some bright moments with your camera and vivid city life! This is sure to be one of the greatest ideas for summer photography!

  1.  Underwater photo

You’ll have to put in some effort to take this one, but it’s worth the hardships. To make such a picture, you need a waterproof camera and some pond with clear water and nice fish there. 

There aren’t many photos like this, and that’s what makes them great, though quite difficult to create. 

  1. Astrophotography

This one is sure to be the most creative out of summer photo ideas! Summer with its good weather and clear sky provides a great opportunity to make excellent astrophotography. To do this, you should go as far as possible from any city to avoid light reflection. 

As you see, summer is a great time to take creative and memorable photography, which will warm you later, on the cold winter days!


What are the basic tips for taking good photographs?

Well, they are quite simple. First of all, make sure you have good lighting, so the shadows and light parts look balanced. Secondly, check the composition, thus you will not miss the important objects in your photography. Thirdly, check if your lens doesn’t have any dust on it.

How can I improve my photography skills?

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to improve your photography skills. You can enrol in some special photography classes, or simply read about some tips and pieces of advice on the internet. 

Is photography a skill or a talent?

Usually, it is a combination of both. Even a great talent may be lost or simply useless if it’s not improved and trained.

(Sep 8, 2021) Alex Seobruv Creativity Inspiration

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