Creative Photography Ideas at Home

The creation of such social media gave a great chance for millions of people to ginger up their imagination and find photographic potential in everything they see. Web pages have become somehow personal online photo exhibitions, which help people open up a little about their personalities. 

Scrolling someone’s page can tell you a lot about this person’s life, what they do like, where they live, and what surrounds them. It is a great chance to express yourself, and you don’t even have to buy a professional camera! We can say that somehow phones replaced cameras and eased the way of becoming a photographer. Oh, yeah, of course having a good camera doesn’t make you a professional, but still, it gives a great opportunity to stir up your imagination.

Probably, this is the reason why so many got interested in photography, especially at this time when we don’t have a chance to leave home and go to some picturesque place. So, we try to find beauty around us. But, how can you make an exciting picture, while staying at home due to quarantine?

How to make good photography at home?

Taking good pictures requires some knowledge on some general photography rules. You see, when you are off in some lovely place, making mistakes may do a little harm to your photo, as the beauty of the spot may save the wrong angle of shooting. But, when you are at home you can’t rely on the beauty of your flat interior. Thus, we are giving you some basic photography rules, which are used by all photography enthusiasts:

  • Think about lightning. The right light does 75% of work, when it comes to making pictures. Pure light will likely create smooth shadows which won’t make sharp lines on objects or people. Even if you want to make a dark picture, you still need to place sources of light in the right position to create correct shadows. 

  • Choose the composition. Each photo requires clear and catching composition, so before taking a camera, decide what and how you want to shoot. Even if that’s a simple food plate picture, you have to define what should be placed in the center, and what object will play as an additional one, to fill the void in the photo. 

  • Editing. Even if you do everything right you will have to edit your pictures. Photographs made at home usually lack the correct light and color. Editing programmes will gladly come to your aid in this situation!

And now, we shall pass to the ideas of home photoshoot and show that even common things around you have great photographic potential.

  1. Food photos 

People love to eat, thus that’s why watching food photos is never boring. Take a photograph of the dishes you cooked at home, and that’s enough. Just try to make the food on your plate look as tasty as possible. Remember that your chia seed salad has the same photographic potential as french fries! 

  1. Pet photographs 

Even though it seems to be a rather annoying idea, pet photographs are still very popular. The key to its popularity is that almost everyone loves animals. Just grab your kitty or puppy and start taking pictures!

  1. Flowers and plants

Starting your gardening blog may be a great opportunity to make some new friends and raise your level of knowledge in this sphere. And if you haven’t got any beautiful flowers besides ficus, well, don’t worry, there’s plenty of people who like this simple but useful plant!

  1. Fun or parody pictures

Humorous content is very popular among people of all ages from all over the world. It’s true because everyone likes to laugh. Humour is uniting! And what is even better, is that you can find something funny without going out. Just look how many people subscribed to some of the TV show's meme pages! 

  1. Art photography

This point is great if you have a constant seething stream of imagination and staying at home frustrates you. In this case, everything that surrounds you has great photographic potential, as it’s only up to you what you would like to create. It may be a life reproduction of a famous painting, or maybe you’d like to recreate some historical, show or movie scenes. 

Anyway, this is a great way to show all your creativity!

  1. Fashion photography

Even if you're not chasing the desire to show off a little, making yourself a home photoshoot may be great fun. Make yourself hair and makeup, pick up some nice rags and here you go — homemade supermodel. You may even call a friend to make a memorable photograph and express your creativity together!

  1. Portrait 

One of the easiest ideas of taking a photograph at home is to make a portrait of yourself. But don’t worry, we are not talking about banal selfies. Actually, this point might recall the previous one, the difference is that here the main shot is dedicated to your face. Just do pretty makeup and nice hair and that’s all. But of course, to make a better shot, you may choose some nice top.

  1. Window views

You are lucky, if you have a picturesque view from your window. In this case, quarantine is not a big deal to you, as you have some beautiful places to look at without leaving home. Nature is indeed the best artist, and you can use it to your advantage, by making magnificent pictures straight out of your bed! 

  1. Active lifestyle

This point is somehow connected with the first one. If you're engaged in some sports, like yoga, for example, you may share your passion with loads of other people. And it is even easier to make such photographs at home, as you won’t be disturbed with unnecessary attention from strangers.

  1. Books and movies

If you are a passionate bookworm or movieholic you can share your favorite passages or scenes on your IG as well. A great way to memorize your favorite parts from the art pieces you like. 

As you can see, staying at home has its advantages and surprisingly, it does not limit your imagination but eventually has great photographic potential for you to find out.


What can I photograph at night?

That rather depends on the view from your window and your imagination. For example, if you live in the city center, you may take a picture of it at night. Also, you can play with artificial lightning a bit, and make a creative shot of the shadow.

What settings should I use for indoor photography?

For smartphones’ cameras and professional ones, requirements are quite the same: pick up the low ISO, tune your focus.

Do I need a flash for indoor photography?

Yes, you may need to use a flash, if none of your windows are on the sunny side. Thus, you may avoid your picture from looking too dark.

(Sep 8, 2021) Alex Seobruv Creativity Inspiration

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