Best 2022 picture and design trends

Nowadays, it’s becoming easier and easier to make a design. The Adobe suite is not the only option anymore and even design beginners can create nice artworks for their website, social media or brand identity as a whole.

If creating is now made easier, how can you make it so splendid it will stick around and not feel outdated? One says you must simply find the proper inspiration. Using generic images doesn't cut it anymore. We now need more than being informative and accurate, we need to be trendy.

So how can you really create an atmosphere around your brand and have a trendy corporate identity stick around for a long time? Let's get you inspired with the best design trends for 2022.

1. Nature powered

One of our favourites is definitely the natural style designs. We see them more and more as brands try to be identified with a greener image but the style doesn’t go out of fashion. Green is undoubtedly trendy right now, especially the darker, more tropical green tones that are perfect for a more sophisticated style.

If your brand wishes to be associated with elegance, quality and a natural feeling to it, then this is definitely the style you need to go for your brand image.
In addition, this kind of theme goes with pretty much any type of business. From beauty products to a concept store, tropical designs can be easily adapted.

A great example is the design Zenn Yo made for the restaurant “The Glen”.

Credit: Zenn Yo

The logo looks amazing, and so does the interior, designed with similar colours. By designing the corporate identity of the restaurant in such a way, it ensures that the brand image of the restaurant is not only clearly defined, it is also identifiable from the rest.


2. Darker design

Dark versions of websites have become increasingly popular over the years and for many good reasons. First, they don’t scorch your eyes when browsing late at night (and yes, we all do it). Secondly, they make for very impactful websites when using the right pictures.

In the work from designer Samuel Scalzo for example, the chosen image is perfectly incorporated into the user interface and really sets the atmosphere around the theme “space exploration” on the web page.

Credit: Samel Scalzo

For this kind of style, it is essential to choose the right images that will not only match the design but also create an atmosphere around the company. Darker designs are great for a modern and stunning brand image.


3. Old vintage pictures

Have you ever thought you were born in the wrong decade or wished to visit a certain time and space? Well, the time machine may not have been invented yet but that doesn’t mean you can’t deliver that vintage feel to your brand.

From pictures of infamous pop stars like Freddie Mercury and Brigitte Bardot to images dating all the way back to the 1900s, old archive images can be a great way to make your brand stand out.

And it’s not because you use old and retro images that it means your communication will be outdated. Not at all! In our opinion, using such imagery definitely gives brands a high quality and sophisticated look that also convey deep know-how. The design made by Onss Mhirsi for the restaurant Pirata is the perfect example that you can successfully combine modernity and history.

Credit: Onss Mhirsi

By combining old black and white images and the restaurant’s unique proposition, it perfectly brings out the brand’s ambition to truthfully convey an authentic Italian feel and its philosophy.


4. Logo background

Many designers have been using images as background for a more impactful log and wow does it look good. We’re especially fans of what Anna Kartamysheva did for Lissy with their brand image.

Credit: Anna Kartamysheva

Although the term “Lissy” is not really easily identifiable with a specific product, by adding such a beautiful image of flowers in the background, it becomes clear what the company is about: providing flowers to its customers. It’s a simple concept really, but quite effective at delivering the idea.

In addition, when combined with an original font, it really conveys the atmosphere around the brand and how unique their proposition is. It’s definitely a winning look in our books.


5. Geometric design

Contemporary styles have always been in fashion but has it ever looked this good? Abstract geometrical shapes can certainly spice up a brand and bring about a feeling of modernity.

To make it successful though, you need to be quite skilled with design softwares. Considering it usually requires symmetry awareness, you need to be able to draw perfectly parallel lines, respect the same angles and be mindful of the general synergy of all shapes when brought together.

Best used with bright and sharp colours, geometric designs definitely scream out of the box thinking, innovation and originality. One of our favourite examples is from designer Cleiton Moura.

Credit: Cleiton Moura

The combination of bright colours with black and swhite imagery looks amazing and really brings out each element in the design. This style definitely makes for an unforgettable look.


6. One line drawings

You might have seen such designs going around. I have to say, they are very popular in DIY poster videos or tattoos for example. At least, that’s where I know them from.

One line drawings are becoming increasingly popular, and not only for personal items but also to add that little something more to a good picture. Svetlana Vasina demonstrates it very well with this one line illustration of a woman drinking a coffee at a nice restaurant.

Credit: Sveltana Vasina

By adding this one-line illustration to the restaurant’s setting, it creates a more refined and sophisticated feel to it and really adds that little something to what might have otherwise been a plain restaurant image.


7. Pastel colours

With how hectic the world has been lately, it’s sometimes nice to relax and breathe for a bit. Pastel colours are great to give off a classy image while conveying a calm and soothing feeling. Maybe that’s why the style has become quite popular nowadays and is quite often used by beauty or home decor companies. This work from Dasha Dot is a perfect example of how wonderful such a colour palette can look on a website.

Credit: Dasha Dot

The design is minimalistically refined and really focuses on the product instead of adding too much noise around. It soothes our minds and really sets the user in a mood for one of those relaxing candles. Isn’t that the goal of the brand as well?

That was our top 2022 picture and design trends. Now it’s up to you to figure out which one suits your brand the most and what you want your customers to associate you with. Do you want to give off a relaxing and sophisticated vibe or more of a modern and dynamic one?
What did you think about those design styles? Let us know!


(Oct 25, 2021) Clemence Servonnat Creativity

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