Autumn images in high quality

When talking about all four seasons of the year, each is special and awesome. Winter is loved for its holiday time and snow activities; spring pleased us, providing beautiful views when everything is blooming, and summer is time to rest on vacation after a challenging academic year. By the way, no one will deny the incomparable beauty of autumn, the perfect time to take photographs according to a large number of bright and warm colors. 

Although nature is beautiful for a whole year, autumn is a very inspiring season, encouraging artists for self-expression. Just realize how many times autumn leaves or fallen leaves were mentioned in the songs from charts?  Also, this beautiful season inspired for work not only musicians but also writers and painters, whose assignments are known almost by everyone. 

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How to take an autumn photograph

  • Pet autumn images

What can be better than autumn images of your pets plating with red fallen leaves? Let them play, run and feel free: live photos are usually surprising! Autumn photographs of dogs playing in red forests are usually cute enough to melt a dog lover's heart. 

  • Halloween autumn photograph

You photo opportunities will become wider with a large amount of incredible object, waiting for you camera to catch it. ?olorful pumpkins, tasty cakes, red fallen leaves - all that you need to catch a great frame. This exciting celebration is an excellent motivation to take a camera and do the best you can. We hope you understand how essential it is to play with light and shadows to take a good autumn photograph. By the way, a fall is a perfect time to shoot something in foggy conditions, when everything is dark and mysterious.

  • Catch the fog

It doesn’t matter what type of photography you practice: fog will help you to enhance the autumnal mood whatever the time of day. This is because fog softens the contrasts of the scene and gives an excellent depth of field. If you are shooting portraits or wildlife, it will help you separate the main subject from the rest of the scene. 

However, it’s not just a matter of separation between subject and background. Instead, it’s the specific feeling that you can convey simply by using fog to your advantage. The result is a mix of restlessness and the unknown, which will attract the viewer and make them observe your photo more carefully.

  • Be creative

Don't limit yourself with fall pictures ideas; try to go out in the morning and evening, and remember post-processing. Try any fall pictures ideas, which come to your mind. 

Besides, in autumn, you can express your creative vision as you wish; the only limit is your imagination. 

  • Focus on water

It doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny stream or a river, a small pond or a lake – water can always offer incredible photographic opportunities. This includes the chance to capture reflections and to practice long exposures. Best of all, water can help you find a meaningful composition that can be problematic in the “autumn mess” of conditions.

If you are looking for reflections, try to be at the location early in the morning. Generally, it’s one of the least windy moments of the day. This way, you will have a better chance of capturing calm waters where your subject will perfectly reflect. Also, the soft pre-sunrise light will create a more subtle contrast, which may help you capture the atmosphere you want. 

Unlimited number of autumn images on ImageSelect

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