Quadruple Alliance. Formed in London on 2 August 1718 by the Holy Roman Empire, the United Provinces of the Netherlands, France and Great Britain, with the aim of forming a coalition in response to Spanish belligerence that refused to abide by the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713 in relation to the former Spanish territories in Italy and the Netherlands. By signing the "Treaty of The Hague" (17 February 1720), Spain acceded to the Treaty of the Quadruple Alliance, which reorganised a division of disputed territories. This treaty was ratified by King Philip V of Spain in Aranjuez on 20 May of that year. Detail of the declarations of the ministers and plenipontiaries Leopold Count of Windischgratz, the Marquis of Beretti Landi, Cadogan and Fleureian de Morville, at The Hague, by which they authenticate the copy with the original document of the treaty. Collection of the Treaties of Peace, Alliance, Commerce adjusted by the Crown of Spain with the Foreign Powers (Colección de los Tratados de Paz, Alianza, Comercio ajustados por la Corona de España con las Potencias Extranjeras). Volume II. Madrid, 1800. Historical Military Library of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.
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