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Über uns

(German) Imageselect is one of the largest independent providers of royalty free and rights managed stock photography, editorial photos and video material. Our digital image bank contains millions of pictures on millions of different topics. Imageselect is the perfect platform in your search for that 'one' picture.

Our history | analogue to digital

Imageselect was founded in 2001. The goal was to assemble the fragmented, mostly analogue, world of photography on a comprehensive platform. Over a decade later Imageselect has been one of the major players in the field of stock photography.

Our present | leading and extensive

In today's digital age, you can find all your photos and videos online by searching, ordering and downloading them with a clear and user-friendly system. The digital library contains over 140 million images and 60,000 videos gathered in more than 120 stock photo collections.

Our image bank also hosts pictures from the latest (inter)national news. Every encounter treated in a news program can be found in our image bank. Imageselect also offers a huge image archive consisting of (inter)national celebrities.

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Our future | innovative and personal

In the years ahead Imageselect will do everything to stay leading within the image bank industry. We continue to improve our retrieval systems and will keep combining this with a personal touch. In that case we will always be able to offer you, the customer, the perfect stock image or video.

Two sister sites: budget pictures and photos from your region Imageselect offers a comprehensive range of imagery. In some cases, however, you're searching for a photo from your neighbourhood or for specifically cheap stock photography.

For those identifiable queries Imageselect founded two sister sites: 

Purebudget -, specifically cheap stock photos
Region Images -, specializes in images from your neighbourhood