Vintage Wallpaper Photos: How to Choose?

In recent years, the vintage style has become popular not only in clothing design but also in interior decoration. "Vintage" is a French word, meaning "old wine, stored for a long time in cellars." Like a mature drink, the taste of which only improves from time to time, vintage items preserved from the days of our grandmothers' youth are becoming more and more valuable every year. Furniture and interior items that are more than 20 years old are referred to as vintage items. However, thing any of the 20s-30s of the last century are more suitable for this style, which best characterizes the era when plastic, synthetics, and other artificial materials were not yet as widespread as, for example, in Soviet times.

For many years, wallpaper has been considered one of the most popular types of wall decoration, as such building materials have many advantages over many other options.

According to many designers and decorators, in recent years, vintage wallpapers in a retro style are gaining momentum, which advantageously beat not only classic but also modern interiors. This article will discuss the features and advantages of this style of wallpaper, how to choose it correctly.

What are vintage backgrounds? 

Wallpaper in vintage style - the option closest to our childhood. Such wallpapers are made, as a rule, in light shades, contain patterns in the form of birds, plants, flowers, reflect the naturalness of the design. They can have shades from one palette, contrasting or bright colors on a light background, inherent in Japanese motives.

What is vintage: defining "age" frames

Vintage includes things that have crossed the 30-year threshold and have become iconic for their era. Vintage wallpapers in the interior are especially appreciated by representatives of the upper-middle class. For them, belonging to a proven style is often more important than experimentation and new trends.

A distinctive feature of vintage is that in the days of their "youth" these things were necessarily at the height of fashion.

Vintage backgrounds can be safely called one of the most controversial styles in interior design. This direction has existed for many years, but despite this, a general, unanimous opinion and clear requirements for this style have not been formed.

Some experts associate it with the golden age of Hollywood, many believe that vintage is closer to retro or Provence, each of these opinions has a right to exist. In this article, we are more interested in vintage wall decoration, so we will share with you the basics of vintage background.


What does the concept of vintage contain?

The name itself was born in the south of France and meant a well-aged, expensive wine. But over time, the concept of vintage has expanded its boundaries and has become associated with style in clothing, furniture, accessories, and, of course, interior design.

Despite the abundance of views, all experts agree that this direction should personify home comfort and the warmth of the family hearth. The peak of popularity falls in the nineties of the last century, people tried to escape from the bustle of the city to unpretentious simplicity and from childhood known forms.

Designers love this style as it has no clear boundaries. You can buy several old, exclusive things and, having correctly added them to the interior, decorate the room. Vintage wallpaper plays a major role here because antiques need proper surroundings.

With the appropriate wall cladding and a few things gathering dust in the attic, you can recreate the romanticism of the Soviet era with your own hands. Feel like a jazz king, plunge into good old rock 'n' roll, or be transported to the atmosphere of an Italian or French village.

How to choose a vintage wallpaper?

The variety of vintage-style wallpapers available in stores often shocks people. For this reason, when going shopping, you should think about what exactly you want to see on the walls of your house.

Creating a vintage-style interior begins with choosing a color that will be the basis of the design. Usually, muted tones, natural light, or dark shades are used, although this principle does not apply to everything. Many interiors in vintage style, on the contrary, have a rich color due to the specifics of vintage wallpaper, which we will now talk about.

Vintage wallpaper: The characteristic features that distinguish vintage wallpaper from others are the patterns (floral motifs, intertwining branches, flowers). All types of wallpaper that are usually used in vintage-style interiors can be divided into three options. 

The first one is wallpaper with a contrasting pattern brought from the Art Nouveau style.

The second version of wallpaper in interiors is vintage: Japanese motifs, a bright saturated main background, and birds/flowers.

Want something more relaxed? Use the third vintage wallpaper option: wallpaper with a smaller, less intense pattern in pastel colors. Please note that now, under the influence of modern trends, not the whole room is pasted over with such wallpaper, but one wall. If you want to bring the style of your interior as close as possible to vintage, you should wallpaper the entire room, and not just part of it.

The vintage-style interior is famous for its uniqueness. This is one of the most unique decors in which all things present are endowed with a soul and in which you want to live and create. Do not miss the opportunity to create an oasis of the romance of bygone times in your home, especially since this can be done without any material costs.

Materials of the vintage wallpapers

The material of the product, one might say, is one of the main criteria when choosing wallpaper:

  • Paper. As a rule, they are cheap, which allows overtime to change the design of any room without significant damage to the family budget. This material is most popular for children's rooms - the child is growing and his preferences for the environment may change, and therefore it will not be a pity to change the design with another background.

  • Vinyl is dense and elastic. In addition, wallpaper made of vinyl is easy to clean. This option is most preferable in the kitchen and hallway.

  • Non-woven - very durable and resistant to abrasion, very easy and quick to hang. They can also be used in the kitchen, hallway, and also in living room.

  • Textile - expensive, refined, noble. They have a very beautiful structure, the surface of the walls becomes voluminous and is perceived as an endless fabric surface, which, in combination with other interior items, creates a cozy and luxurious atmosphere. Ideal for the bedroom.

Popular colors of vintage backgrounds:

A special atmosphere should go through in the entire set of a vintage interior due to the restrained combinations of shades. It is best to use light-colored wallpaper. The colors should look as if faded, pale: 

  •  worn blue

  •  pale pink

  •  indistinct yellow

  •  beige gray

  •  light green and others.

As a rule, many people opt for muted natural light or rich dark interior tones.

Pattern options

The characteristic features that distinguish vintage style wallpaper from others are, of course, patterns:

  • floral motifs;

  • geometric shapes, polka dots, stripes;

  • bright saturated main background and birds/animals;

  • Japanese motives;

  • newspaper prints, images of postage stamps, envelopes;

  • small and less intense drawing in pastel colors.

Popular brands of vintage wallpapers:

Many factories manufacture wall coverings on modern equipment using innovative technological processes. Designers noted several manufacturers in whose collections you can find beautiful and high-quality vintage-style wallpapers:

  • Loymina. Premium-class domestic wallpaper. Fits perfectly into hallways, corridors, and bedrooms. The only drawback is the high cost.

  • Victoria Stenova is a Russian brand that produces vintage-style wallpapers. A huge selection of designer ornaments, from delicate delicate themes to strict geometric shapes.

  • Erfurt is a manufacturer from Germany. An important and, perhaps, the main advantage is the environmental friendliness and safety of canvases, which allows them to be used in children's and living rooms.

  • Khroma is a manufacturer from Belgium. The unusual ideas of the developers, implemented in the wallpaper, won the hearts of many buyers. There are no complaints about the quality.

  • √Člitis is a premium class wallpaper from a French manufacturer. The main advantages are the practicality and aesthetics of the canvases. From the collections, you can choose options for any room you want to decorate in a vintage style.

Vintage style is coziness and romance, in such an environment you want to dream and create a unique history of your home.


Although any instructions are foreign for decorating the vintage style, we still do not recommend cluttering the house with aged things from different eras. Also, experts recommend decorating only one room similarly, but not the whole house. In comparison, any style appears brighter and more beautiful. See the best vintage wallpaper ideas on our site

(Jun 2, 2021) Clemence Servonnat Inspiration