Four Important Points To Know Before Using Stock Images

Most of the graphics designers are using the stock images and the other royalty free resources in their projects. There are a lot of reasons behind such usage; some of the most important points include the cost benefits, as well as qualitative resources but also provide a differential tone to the works. Most of the designers are aware of the essentials of using the stock photography and other resources but it is important for the new aspirants in the design world to understand the same. In this article, we will focus on such of some points that must be kept in mind before using the stock images for your projects.

  1. Make thumb rule of acknowledging the works and giving credits: This is the most important factor in using the stock images or the royalty free images from the different sites. It is quite essential to give credits to the original creator for the works that you are using. Most of the sites are providing the code for assigning the credits. In case it is not available you may put the source link for the same to offer credit. This saves you from any sort of copyright violation and plagiarism related issues.
  2. Avail the resources from credible sites only: Downloading the resources from the unknown sites may be harmful as these may contain the virus or other malicious codes. It is advised to download the royalty free photos from the credible sites and online galleries that are offering such resources for the designers.
  3. Never make amendments to the original works if prohibited: Most of the royalty free resources are available for use on free basis. But in case the creator wants the stock images to be used in the original manner; you must follow the instructions. No changes or modification shall be made to the original works.
  4. Use the stocks in their original format as much as possible: This is quite important to understand that stock images or resources shall not be converted into different formats until specified for the same in the terms and conditions. You must try to use these in the original form as much as possible.      

These four points must be kept in mind to avoid any sort of complications while using the stock images.

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