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Mint images:
This is one of the collection that we are proud of representing them. Mint Images is dedicated to creating the world’s finest commercial imagery that relate to our environment, sustainability and issues of health and well-being.

Honest & Authentic imagery
These two words describes what Mint images stands for. Everything that is shot is real, natural, authentic and believable. They do not shoot stock but they shoot reality. They portray how we live instead of posed and over-processed images.
But they look for positive concepts that drive us forward. Dedicated to make the world a better place.
Their content is produced by world-class, awarding winning photographers who are the best at what they do. We are committed to the notion that powerful images connecting us to our evolving planet are capable of changing the world for the better.

What are the trends in the stock photography?
What is very important to the market is an authentic look and feel. People engage with lives they recognize, with the visual story — how people interact, how they work, where they live and work. Photographers are storytellers. We want what they tell us, and their work makes us pay attention. Images are used in everyday life in a way that even the creative industries would not have predicted accurately!

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